Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

It’s a daunting prospect recording a record if you haven’t done it before. Because many our students often go on to form bands, here at Guitar Lessons Norwich have a little experience in working with recording studios and we’d love to impart some of our knowledge on to you, just to give you a little push in the right direction. 

Purple Studios is a high-end, premier recording studio with everything you could possibly need to put out a new hit LP. As well as all the other mandatory recording equipment which comes with nearly every recording studio, Purple studios have the peculiar benefit of providing its own accommodation for up to 5 people. If you’re looking to hole yourself up for a couple of days whilst your creative juices flow, there is no better studio in Norwich for you. This allows them to cater for everyone needs and they offer services that cross boundaries between all music types, from classic analogue facilities to bang up to date digital technology. If you want to have a look for yourself, have a look at Purple Studios, Old Parish Hall, The Street, Trowse, Norwich, NR14 8SX.

Plug Studios prides itself on its indie credentials. Flying the face of Simon Cowell and X Factor, Plug claims that it bucks the mainstream and provides an environment where your personal tastes and styles have the freedom to express themselves. The fact that they aim to cater for all recording artists is reflected in their amazingly reasonable prices; in the summer, you can enjoy 3 hours of recording time for only £21 (air conditioning included.). Plug boasts three different recording studios, allowing them to accommodate all shapes and sizes of bands and the different combinations of equipment are reflected in the prices, allowing you to create a recording set-up which mirrors your price budget and musical style. If you think Plug could be the studio for your next indie EP, head down to 6-9 Kingsway, City Trading Estate, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 4UE today.

Ashwood Studios is a recording studio with heritage. Located at Unit 6A Craft workshops, Tolye Road, Three Score, Norwich, Norfolk NR5 9AA, Ashwood Studios is housed in an 18th century converted barns located just outside Norwich and prides itself in providing clients with a creative, relaxed and friendly recording environment whether the project is a commercial release or demo. If you’re a folk singer looking for a traditional, other-worldly atmosphere to record Bluegrass Americana, this might be just what you’re looking for. 

11a Studios is about as DIY as it gets. Located in David Royse’s shed, it provides a local and fully qualified sound engineer, with everything a band could need. Its DIY vibe means that its prices are extremely good, going from mastering at £10 per song and mixing at £15 per song. You aren’t going to get better prices than this anywhere else in Norwich, making this the perfect studio for bands recording their first EP or garage-rock purists looking for a low-fi ambience. This studio also has all its own amps, guitars and even stomp boxes so you can literally turn up with nothing and start recording in no time. If the Jack White in you can’t resist recording in a shed, 11 Warren's Way Tacolneston, Norwich, Norfolk NR16 1DH is the place to be!

Sugati Sound is a small studio but is well equipped with multi-track recording capability, acoustically conditioned room and qualified sound engineer. Its small size ensures that its prices are extremely competitive, only £12 an hour for mixing and mastering. Paul Keeler, the sound engineer, has been in the business for years; he’s run Sugati Sounds for the last 12 years but has over a decade of amateur experience on top of that. One of the most useful services Sugati provides is its portable recording service, perfect if you want to record a live show.

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