I couldn't have asked for a friendlier or better teacher than Paul! He's made learning the guitar enjoyable as well as rewarding and now I'm well on the way to achieving my aim of mastering The Smith's back-catalogue! Johnny Marr here we come! Adam

Guitar Lessons Norwich

Looking for acoustic or electric guitar lessons in Norwich? Well you've certainly come to the right place! My name is Paul and I am a professional guitar teacher located here in Norwich. I will be able to provide you with individually tailored lessons, guaranteed to improve your playing in no time! I teach everyone from beginners to advanced guitars so no matter what I level I know I have the lessons to help you achieve your guitar dreams!

  • All Style Covered
  • All Ages Welcome
  • Electric & Acoustic Guitar
  • Home Visits Available

Everyone Is Welcome!

Paul believes that anyone to can learn guitar! Whether you can shred like Hendrix or you've never picked up a guitar in your life, he'll be able to help you improve in no time at all. Paul is versed in the art of both electric and acoustic guitar so if you want you want to learn one or the other (or even both), he'll be able to help you out!

To book your first lesson or even just to find out more give me an email or call 01603 975635!

Guitar Lessons Norwich Individual, tailor made lessons suitable for everyone!